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Would you eat it?

Well??? Would you enjoy a nourshing salad which includes a dressing of your favourite face scrub?

If the answer is a resounding 'HECK NO' then consider this...
Why on earth are you putting it on your bodies largest organ?

That's the skin by the way, the bodies largest organ! Just a friendly reminder in case, like me high school biology was a lifetime ago.  


"These products smell like the bush after a summer rain, fresh and crisp. I use the PH balancing Toner to remove any make up or just freshen my skin after a long day.

I love the Vitalising Serum around my eyes and forehead just feels divine on. And my other Favourite is the Himalayan Rock Salt Body Scrub, my skin feels as soft as a baby’s after that I also put it in the bath when I get a chance to have a bath!

And every night along with the Vitalising Serum the minted rose lip balm. With that relaxing duo I sleep like a baby. AND no chemicals win win."

Tamara ~ Denmark, Western Australia

“I have been using natural products on my skin for quite some time now, but never really found anything that made me feel like it was improving my skin until I discovered Intentio.  I have been using the Intentio Toner and Vitalising Serum for almost a year now and have never been so happy with a skin care product in my life. The Vitalising Serum plumps out my aging skin and my skin stays hydrated all day. The toner amazingly makes my skin feel super clean without drying it out. Both these products are incredible value for money and I love that they are all natural.”

Karen ~ Salters Point, Western Australia

Love the Skin you are in!

If you're not looking after YOU, then who is? 
I give you a big tip, many companies trying to 'sell' to you aren't. 

How can you circumvent this problem?
It really is quite simple, when browsing for a replacement cleanser, toner, body cream... well any product really.... skip right past the marketing on the front of the product, that shiz is designed to 'sell' to you.

As a conscious consumer you are much more interested in the details on the back. There are labelling regulations in Australia for a reason, first and foremost, these regulations are to protect you and keep manufacturers honest.
But you got to do your bit too..... you have got to read the back of the pack

Luxury Face Care

Our delicious Face Care Gift Pack is sure to leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and beautifully moisturised.